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No two workers’ compensation cases are exactly alike. The circumstances behind a personal injury case are all different. And of course, each Social Security Disability claimant’s situation is unique. However, what does remain the same is the commitment our Syracuse personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm dedicates to each case. We fight for every dollar our clients deserve under the rule of law as these real-life examples demonstrate. At Oot & Associates, PLLC, you’ll be provided sound and effective counsel throughout your entire claim’s process. From neck injuries to Social Security Disability claims, you can rely on a firm well known in the areas around Syracuse for the personal injury and workers’ compensation cases we’ve won. The team at Oot & Associates is dedicated and committed; we don’t stop until our clients are satisfied.

Certified Nursing Assistant will collect tax-free benefits for life

Claimant found permanent total and receives tax-free lifetime payments.

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) sustained an injury to the back while assisting a resident at a nursing home. The earnings prior to the injury were approximately $507.00 per week gross. Our office assisted this injured worker in obtaining over $160,000.00 in temporary disability lost wage payments from the date of injury until the hearing to address permanency which took place in August 2023.  In addition,  we helped the claimant receive over $170,000.00 in medical care related to this injury to date.  We successfully argued the medical evidence, educational background and work history prior to the injury supported a finding of permanent total disability. The decision filed in August of 2023 awards the claimant $338.00 per week for life, tax free,  as well as lifetime medical coverage for the back treatment related to this work injury.

Injured Worker paid $445,000 in lost wage benefits

The injured worker retains lifetime medical coverage in addition to the lost wage benefits.

An operator at a cardboard plant sustained a very serious injury to the back in the course of employment at the manufacturing plant. After collecting over $360,000 in lost wage benefits and having all causally related medical care for the injury to his back covered, a settlement was reached in August 2023.  The injured worker was awarded an Indemnity only lump sum payment of $78,000.00 and retained all rights under the workers compensation law to seek treatment under the workers compensation case for the rest of his life.

Injured Worker awarded over $1 Million in benefits for 2019 accident at work

The chemist was further rewarded after an initial collection of lost wage and medical benefits.

A chemist sustained injuries to the face, brain, legs, feet and multiple other body parts after an industrial accident with a machine at work. After collecting just under one half million dollars in lost wage and medical benefits, in December 2022 settlement was reached with the compensation carrier awarding an additional $537,000.00 in future lost wage and medical benefits. This settlement closed the workers compensation aspect of the litigation out essentially as of January 2023 but within the agreement rights were reserved as to suing a third party for the damages caused by the machine or the negligence of others who may have modified the machine causing the accident.

Injured Worker awarded over $1 Million in benefits for two injuries

A law enforcement officer sustained multiple injuries at work to the neck back arm and mouth.

After the law enforcement officer received approximately $750,000.00 in workers compensation benefits for medical and lost wages following the injuries, a settlement was reached resulting in an award in July of 2023 of over $400,000.00 in additional benefits totaling over $1,000,000.00.

Injured worker collects over $500,000 in lost wages and medical benefits

The package truck driver fell and sustained significant injuries to his head, neck, and upper extremity

A 55-year-old package truck driver sustained significant injuries to the head, neck, and upper extremity, including consequential PTSD, from an accident that occurred in late 2019. We were hired as the workers’ compensation attorneys within 30 days of the accident at work. The injured worker was paid over $125,000.00 in temporary lost wages by combination of temporary partial disability and temporary total disability workers’ compensation awards. Also, after the accident and up until his settlement, he received full coverage for medical treatment related to the accident from pain management, orthopedic, and mental health professionals. In January 2022, the matter settled with an additional immediate New York Workers’ Compensation Section 32 settlement payout of over $310,000.00 for future lost wages. The claimant was also awarded yearly installment payments from a NYS Workers’ Compensation Board approved annuity to fund any medicare set aside required by the Social Security Administration. Overtime, the annuity payout, should the claimant live the projected life expectancy, may total another $90,000.00 in funds for medical care by workers’ compensation physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and mental health professionals.

Construction worker recovers over $200,000 in lump sum settlement payment

The injured worker who sustained a crush injury also remains entitled to lifetime medical treatment for issues related to the injury.

A 38-year-old construction worker suffered an accidental injury to his right hand in 2011 when a co-worker stepped on his hand during the course of their employment. As a result of this industrial accident, the injured worker collected weekly workers’ compensation awards as directed by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law Judge for over 9 years post-injury totaling well over $100,000.00 in payments for lost wages. Additionally, he received full coverage for medical care related to the injury such as pain management for RSD and the orthopedic injury to his hand. He retained our firm to assist him with his workers’ compensation disability related claim for lost time from work and authorization for medical care for treatment for the injury on the job. In 2021 he was awarded an additional New York Workers’ Compensation settlement per WCL Section 32 in a lump sum of $201,500.00 for future lost wages, with causally related medical still remaining open for his lifetime subject to the NYS Workers’ Compensation medical treatment guidelines, fee schedule, and drug formulary.

Truck Driver awarded $496,000 in lost wage benefits

Additionally, he remains entitled to lifetime medical care for the injuries related to the claim.

A truck driver sustained serious injuries while working for a national transportation company. After collecting over $280,000 in lost wage benefits, in June 2019 the claim for future lost wage benefits was settled for an additional $216,000. Medical coverage for the injuries up to the date of the settlement had totaled over $500,000. As part of the settlement the injured worker’s right to medical care related to this injury remains open for life.

Peace Officer awarded over $380,000 in lost wages

The officer also received nearly $60,000 in medical benefits for a slip and fall in the line of duty.

While exiting the home of a suspect, injuries were sustained in the line of duty due to an unsafe walkway. The injured worker was awarded over $188,000 in lost wage benefits and just under $60,000 in medical expenses prior to agreeing to a settlement. In September 2019 the injured workers’ rights to any future claims for lost wages and medical care were settled for an additional $192,000.

Injured Worker collects over $4.4 million in benefits

Injured Worker who fell from heavy equipment recovers workers compensation benefits and personal injury settlement payments.

A 50-year-old laborer sustained a catastrophic injury resulting in loss of use of both lower extremities. Significant medical complications were also a result of this life-altering tragic event. With our help, the injured worker and his family received payments at the maximum compensation awards throughout the course of the claim. Payment of all medical bills, the construction of a new home while allowing the injured worker to maintain ownership of his home at the time of injury (which was no longer suitable for him to live in), were awarded as well. Payments to his spouse for assistance in caregiving and additionally, over 2 million dollars in personal injury recovery with settlements against multiple defendants in Fall of 2017 and January 2018 were provided.

Production Supervisor awarded an additional $190,000

Production Supervisor settles injury to neck and back for $190,000 in addition to all prior lost wage benefits and medical care.

About a month after the injury, a 44-year-old production supervisor retained our firm in connection with a June 2013 injury. The claimant received lost wage benefits and medical care for the neck and back for over three years. To resolve the claim an additional sum of $190,000 was awarded in November 2016.

Tree Trimmer Settles for $612,000

Tree Trimmer settles injury to back, neck and face for $612,000 in addition to all prior payments

A 38-year-old laborer was struck by a falling tree. At the time of injury, the employer failed to secure workers’ compensation coverage for employees. The Uninsured Employers’ Fund was found responsible for the injury. They were directed to make payments for lost wages and benefits. After receiving payments of compensation when due for over 16 years in addition to medical care, the claimant requested in the fall of 2015 our office negotiate a final resolution of the matter. In December 2015 Oot & Associates, PLLC secured a final decision. The claimant was awarded the additional sum of $612,000.00 for the closing of future lost wages and medical.

$308,000 Settlement for College Employee

College employee settles neck injury for $308,000 in addition to all prior payments

In 2011 the claimant sustained a neck injury while working at a local college. In 2014 the claimant underwent surgery for the injury and never returned to work. Prior to settlement, the claimant was paid over $156,000.00 in lost wage benefits. The claimant also received full medical coverage for all conditions deemed related to the injury. In 2016 the claimant expressed a desire to leave New York. In February 2016, Oot & Associates, PLLC successfully negotiated a settlement for $308,000.00 over and above all prior payments.

$189,000 Settlement in Compensation Claim

Custodian Settles eleven-year-old compensation claim for injury to neck for an additional $189,000

Injured in 1995 at the age of 36, this claimant collected workers’ compensation weekly benefits total over $186,000.00 plus full medical coverage for the injury between 1995 and 2016. Having been found permanently partially disabled the carrier routinely attempted to suspend benefits using labor market attachment questionnaires. The client desired to move on from the claim. The claimant had been involved in the system for over a decade. Oot & Associates, PLLC successfully negotiated a settlement. The compensation carrier paid the additional sum of $189,000.00 to resolve the claim on a final basis in March 2016.

Officer Has Dental Restoration Authorized

The claimant, a law enforcement officer was injured in the line of duty.

Ultimately, despite exhausting all forms of treatment, he was unable to return to work. Surgeries were unsuccessful, and all forms of pain management failed to adequately control his pain. After years of clenching and grinding his teeth due to pain, he had extensive dental damage. The worker’s compensation carrier refused to cover ANY dental treatment. After extensive litigation, the Insurance carrier was directed to pay for the restoration requested by claimant’s dentist.

Nurse Settles Claim for $200,000

A Registered Nurse, injured her right arm and neck in the course of her employment.

Between the date of injury in 2014 and settlement in 2016, the claimant received wage replacement benefits exceeding $100,000.00 and full medical benefits. She was classified as having a permanent partial disability related to her injuries. Ultimately, the claimant wished to close her claim. Oot & Associates, PLLC was successful. We secured an additional $200,000.00 from the insurance carrier to conclude the matter.

Widow settles death claim for $311,000

The widow of a delivery driver who suffered a fatal cardiac event in the course of his employment sought the assistance of Oot & Associates, PLLC.

The deceased had a long-standing history of heart disease unrelated to his employment. On the date of his death, he was engaged in unloading his delivery vehicle when he suffered a fatal heart attack. The insurance carrier contested the claim. They pointed to the long-standing history of heart disease to argue that the death was unrelated to the work activities. Oot & Associates, PLLC was successful in negotiating a resolution of the controversy and settlement of the claim for $311,000 to the widow.

Restaurant Cook settles a claim for $300,000

The claimant injured her neck in 1996.

As a result of the neck injury, she developed carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, and complex regional pain syndrome. Oot & Associates, PLLC was successful through litigation in amending her claim to include the additional injury sites. Having been involved in the system for over a decade, the claimant ultimately decided that she wanted to close her claim. Oot & Associates, PLLC successfully negotiated a settlement for an additional $300,000.